Tuesday, October 7, 2008


You are probably thinking that this picture is pretty abstract and wondering what it is doing on a culinary tool and tip blog. Well I am thinking that myself so I am going to take this abstract image and relate it to my adventures in the culinary world. Looking at this picture I see a tunnel, a tunnel that is larger at the front, which we will consider the present, and smaller as it goes back which we will call the past. Now let’s take that thought and relate it to my blog shall we.

I am currently a 26 year old married woman that can find my way around the kitchen pretty easily, I cook dinner for my husband and myself every night and I am always baking up something whenever I have some free time. I even create some of my own recipes every once in a blue moon.

Almost three years ago when I got married I kind of knew my way around the kitchen but was skeptical about so much stuff. I had some ups and downs (portrayed through the ridges in the picture) but I managed to overcome those obstacles and get back onto my feet. Purchasing new products and learning about new tips and techniques along the way. Three years ago if you asked me what a roux was I probably would have laughed at you but now I can answer without flinching.

Growing up I knew nothing about cooking, sure I took a couple Home Economics classes in junior high and high school but those were just swirls in the making of my tunnel of knowledge. Thanks to my tunnel of knowledge and its many ups and downs I can easily bring you this blog sharing my experiences with you.


Attila Tatai said...

Wow! I think the picture is actually a rose. The way the artist rendered it causes it to look like a number of things. It reminded me of Hen-of-The-Woods-Mushrooms (miatake). These mushrooms are in season right now and are great for cooking, and of course eating. I found some in the woods by my house. Last night I fried them up with a steak, yum! I sold the remaining 5 lbs to a merchant at the farmer's market. They are worth anywhere from $10-$20 per lbs market value. I sold them for half the market value. If you are interested and want to find and prepare some let me know. I am willing to share some tips.

Bob_without_a_torso said...

I like the picture a lot, the comparison to a culinary lifestyle seemed a bit abstract, but was unique in its own aspect. Cool way of incorporating it into your blog post.

Bob_without_a_torso said...

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suz said...

I like the picture! It looks like a blue rose to me, but I like the way you 'abstractly' related it back to your topic. I hope you post simple, quick meal ideas because I love to cook, but often do not have to motivation for long processes. Great job; visit my blog!

~Amber~ said...

Apparently my mine was quite abstract the day I chose this picture thinking it was a "tunnel". At first I didn't even think of it as a rose and now that is all I see. :)

donibelle1208 said...

Thank you Amber, I live on a college campus and find that many of my young friends have very little confidence when it comes to the kitchen. Talking and sharing my experience or knowledge is a small way to pass on the joy of cooking to the next generation. After 21 years (and counting!) of marriage and 6 kids at least I know I can make dinner! I love this picture especially the color Keep up the good work.
P.S. I LOVE my kitchen aid too, i've had it for about 12 years now. And I cannot imagine not having it. I'd love to have you visit my blog.

Happy Cooking!